STOP - Exclusive Behind The Biggest Goon Transformations...
The biggest danger Goons face in video games & fat Loss 
(and what the successful Goons did)
I get a lot of weird messages from goons...
  • "Making the decision to lose weight has been the single best decision of my life."
  • "I've got a topless bartending gig in two weeks and I can't wait."
  • "My confidence and happiness with myself physically touches almost every aspect of my life in one way or another, and I can't believe it took me so long to start living like a champ! "
Which is why today I'm known as the:
The Fat Goon Whisperer.
I finally got called the Fat Goon Whisperer after discovering andbreaking through the 7th danger I'm about to share with you.

You see, in both my efforts to master video games and fat loss I had to spend thousands and thousands of hours. 
They were both full time efforts.

So while I succeeded in both, it took me years and years, even when using a lot of the strategies I described so far.

I do have one big regret today: I wish that I followed a proper framework from the start.

The bottom line, is that if you follow a framework right from the get-go then you succeed at an almost breathtaking rate compared to the average goon.

If I could go back in time...
and give one message... 
to my younger, fat self

It would be...
Follow a framework!

What is my greatest passion in life?
Whenever I master an area of my life, I then look into how I can break down into a framework that any goon can plug in and get the same results but ideally 1000% faster.

But what about Moore’s Law?
Today CPUs are able to increase at insanely faster rates because they build on success.
They discover the frameworks that work and build on them.

This is how in one year we can increase CPU speed by a greater amount than in all the years combined since invention of the CPU.
My last 10 years...
Have been focused on creating the goon fat loss framework.
And I’m going to share with you this same framework to get results in your life, so you can use it right away to lose fat.

One warning
You can’t use the framework though unless you know exactly where you are AND where you want to be.
Do you know the answer to these two questions?
98% of Goons I interviewed had no idea...
Where are you starting at?
  • Body fat percentage?
  • Muscle Mass?
  • Strength Level?
  • Specific Endurance?
  • Flexibility?
  • Nutrition?
  • Activity Level?
  • Energy & Motivation?
More importantly, where do you want to be for each indicator?
I call this the BIG OBSTACLE because 98% of goonsI interviewed didn’t have a clear answer for either question.

They either didn’t have any idea, had very fuzzy answers, even worse, had self-defeating goals.
You can’t get anywhere until you know where you are and where you want to be

This is exactly why you need a personalized assessment that will give you absolute clarity.
Discover exactly:
1) Where you are today 
(The vital metrics you need to know to transform your body)

2) Your True Specific Goals 
(Not just vague, amorphous, self-defeating goals such as “lose weight”)

This is the absolute key that the most successful goons started with.
The critical tool that will clear the cobwebs...
Please Note
This is NOT an instant auto-generated assessment.
After you submit it: I will look it over and create it by hand.
It's a bit labor intensive but worth the few day wait...
You can take this assessment right now if you want, but only if you have about 15 minutes.

Usually, this kind of personalized assessment cost over $150 since it very thorough and comes with a personalized report and recommendations from me. 
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